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Special Projects in Public Services

This guide lists all of the special jobs that have been taken on by students and a brief description of each job.

Job Description

The purpose of this position is to highlight materials and resources that the library owns and to highlight events the College promotes in order to facilitate further use of these by our patrons.


This student will create a monthly slideshow that is featured on the screen near the vending machine. The slideshow should:

  • highlight any campus-wide celebrations impacting the library
  • highlight specific collections or resources within Hutchins
  • any changes to Hutchins Library's operating hours
  • any upcoming workshops or events in the library
  • items-of-the-month (like reference book of the month, children's book of the month, DVD of the month, etc.)
  • Any other announcement that are important to share with faculty, staff, students, and community members.

Spotlight On

  • Create slideshows blog posts, social media updates, and physical displays related to a monthly theme
  • Themes are decided by the student in conjunction with labor supervisor.
  • Previous spotlight topics:
    • National Poetry Month, Black History Month, National Bullying Month, etc.


Below are some sample blog posts to check out:


  • create slideshows, blog posts, social media updates, and physical displays related to convocations.
  • Student may also purchase materials, with the library budget, to support these displays.