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Special Projects in Public Services

This guide lists many of the special jobs that have been taken on by students and a brief description of each job.

Job Description

  • This is only a special project/job if it is done with a Hutchins Librarian.
    • however, students can apply for this and work with other professors in other departments.

  • Student mentor helps librarian establish goals for teaching and observes the librarian when they are teaching, whether via formal library instruction or labor meetings
  • Student mentor provides the librarian with constructive criticism/feedback regarding the effectiveness, organization, and clarity of their teaching
    • Feedback is based on their unique perspective as a student and the goals established earlier
  • Faculty uses feedback to inform instruction
  • Student mentor observes the librarian's instruction after changes are implemented and continues to provide feedback, which leads to more changes and more observation

  • Student has 3 hours of obligation per week with this.
    • 1 hour of class
    • 1 hour of observation
    • 1 hour of meeting with librarian.
  • This project is for class credit as well as work hours