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Special Collections and Archives Undergraduate Research Awards


Beginning in academic year 2023-24, the Special Collections and Archives (SCA) department of Hutchins Library will present Undergraduate Research Awards in recognition of outstanding original papers or projects that make substantive and creative use of SCA's media collectionsBerea's non-commercial audio and video document Appalachian history and culture, and the history of Berea College. They are especially strong in the areas of traditional music, religious expression, spoken lore, radio programs, oral history, and College events and personalities.

Each award will be in the amount of $500. One or more awards may be given in a year if eligible projects worthy of recognition are submitted and spendable income allows. The Head of Special Collections and Archives will consult with colleagues to determine the awardee(s) each year, and the award(s) will be presented during the college's annual awards cycle.

The Special Collections and Archives Undergraduate Research Award program is underwritten by the Harry Rice Special Collections and Archives Fund.

Project Criteria

Projects in any form--research paper, oral history project, creative writing, individual or group exhibits or web sites, art, etc.--will be considered, as long as they are created for academic credit and are based substantially on research done in SCA.

Submission Information

Submissions must include:

  • A cover letter with contact information and notes about the applicant's background and interest in the research subject area.

  • A copy of the product or an active link to it.

  • A process statement, which is a 500-to-1000-word explanation of which sources were used and how, and a summary of the process of creating and developing the project.
  • A letter of recommendation from a faculty member. (Faculty members may submit on behalf of their students.)

To apply, send the cover letter, project (or link), process statement, and letter of recommendation to:

Timothy Binkley, Head of Special Collections and Archives
Hutchins Library
Berea College CPO LIB
Berea, KY 40404

The Application deadline for 2023-24 is March 1, 2024.