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Class Sessions and Consultations with Special Collections and Archives (SCA): Guide

Our Mission: Supporting Teaching and Learning Across Campus

​Berea College's Special Collections and Archives (SCA) supports the teaching and learning mission of the College by:
  • Working with students to discover, analyze and use primary sources. 
  • Working with faculty to provide sessions and/or exhibits utilizing SCA materials and resources.
  • Working with faculty to find archival material upon which to develop hands-on assignments and activities.
  • Supporting the professional development of faculty and staff through workshops on teaching with primary sources.

Our Offerings in Support of Teaching and Learning Across Campus




Class Sessions Taught by SCA staff



  • Sessions tailored for specific class content and needs 
  • Hands on activities with materials
  • Can be GSTR 210 course topic oriented
  • Can include tour of Special Collections and Archives (SCA)
  • Example session: Intro to Archives and Primary Sources


To request class session, fill out form at:

Questions? Email Tim at or call X3267.





Sessions Taught by Professor with Support of SCA Staff



  • Conducted in SCA Reading Room or classroom
  • Archivist can provide introduction to archives and primary sources
  • Can consult with archivist to determine appropriate materials to be utilized


To schedule session, fill out form at:

Questions? Email Tim at or call X3267.





Class Working Sessions in Reading Room


  • Archivists and staff work with professor and students to ensure students have support in finding and utilizing materials for their research
  • Often scheduled after class has attended an Intro to Archives and Primary Sources session


To schedule a working session in the Reading Room, fill out form at:

Questions? Email Tim at or call X3267.






Student One-on-One Consultations with SCA Staff


  • 30 min consultations
  • Focus on student’s research question
  • Emphasis on helping students locate appropriate materials
  • Will help students find online materials and other sources, if none are available through SCA


Student can request a virtual or in-person consultation at

If making consultation a class requirement, please contact Tim Binkley before making assignment.







Workshops and Consultations in Teaching with Primary Sources and Archival Materials



  • Workshops provided during summer and faculty professional development days
  • Consult with an archivist any time regarding SCA materials that may meet your teaching goals and needs
  • Contact an archivist to: get resources, consult for specific classes, discuss possibilities, and get connected with others utilizing archives in their teaching



For professional development opportunities, watch for announcements via email and from the Dean’s office.

For consultations use this form: 

Our services and forms can also be accessed through the SCA Website.

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