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Berea's Rhythm and Roots

An online companion to the "Berea's Rhythm & Roots" exhibit in Hutchins Library.



The voices and music heard on these pages help bring to the present the people, themes and events depicted through the photographs and text panels of Hutchins Library's exhibit, Berea's Rhythm and Roots. The exhibit traces the progress of how the home-made music of the southern Appalachians has been given expression at Berea College. This music was in the air and on the minds of the Berea community early in the College's history. It has been an ongoing presence over the years and continues to be a key ingredient in the dynamic mix of tradition, change, and diversity that informs Berea's Appalachian commitment as the twenty-first century progresses.

Guide designed and edited by John Bondurant and Harry Rice.

Banner graphics by Elizabeth Quay.