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Berea Sound Archives Fellowship Topics

Sarah Downs / Berea, Kentucky / 2012-2013 / Topic: Modern Dance and Traditional Music

Sarah Downs

Project: Sarah's Fellowship research will make use of interview and performance recordings of Lily May Ledford and the Coon Creek Girls to develop a dance work for Berea's annual modern dance concert, Kinetic Expressions in 2014.  It will include improvisational contributions from Berea College students built around the archival materials. They will be shaped, structured and, ultimately, choreographed into a completed work with portions of the audio material also serving as a soundscape.  Additional research outcomes include (1) performances at schools, hospitals, and community centers in lecture demonstrations, dance playshops, and exhibitions throughout Madison and surrounding counties; and (2) Inclusion of a soundscape or "found sound" based project in the syllabus of PED 305 Improvisation and Choreography.

Sarah is Assistant Director of Dance Programs, Instructor in Physical Education and Health at Berea College. Her undergraduate and graduate study, respectively was at Eastern Kentucky University and the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.

Page McClean / Hobe Sound, Florida / 2013-2014 / Topic: Kinship and Traditional Music

Page McCleanProject: Page’s video documentation work involves studying the role of kinship in the preservation and transmission of Appalachian folk musical traditions.  She will focus both on multigenerational families that have passed down their musical knowledge as well as situations in which a lost tradition was recovered through an alternative interpretation of kinship.  As an addendum to her fieldwork with families, she will attend the Hindman Settlement School’s Appalachian Family Folk Week to explore the role that an institution can serve in supporting families in the promotion and preservation of folk traditions.

Page’s research will result in a series of filmed interviews and performances that will be available for future research use in the Berea College Archives.  She will edit her research into a film that she will share with the participants of the project and will later submit to film festivals. Page also presented at the 2015 Appalachian Studies Conference.

Page is a visual anthropologist who has engaged in ethnographic and visual research in Europe and the Americas.  In addition to her video work, she is a singer-songwriter and an acoustic guitarist.  She currently works as an educator and a writer in Colorado.