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Berea Sound Archives - Eric Strother - Ernie Carpenter & Melvin Wine, West Virginia Fiddling Traditions

Analysis and transcriptions of fiddle tunes by West Virginia fiddlers Ernie Carpenter and Melvin Wine.

Eric Strother

Eric StrotherEric Strother is a musicology doctoral candidate at the University of Kentucky, with research interests in jazz, popular music, sacred music, and Appalachian ballad and fiddle traditions. His musical roots are in West Virginia where he grew up hearing the fiddle and mandolin playing of his stepfather and other family members.

Eric's work in the Berea Archives (July 2008) centered on transcribing and analyzing tune performances of West Virginia fiddlers Melvin Wine and Ernie Carpenter. His approach was to document not only the tune but the complete performance which will allow future researchers to analyze the constants and variations in each repetition to gain insight into the performer’s characteristic style.