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The Zine Guide

An online, full-text sampling of the zine collection housed in Berea College's Hutchins Library



Manifesto to the Industrial Workers of the World

Marked For Life No. 9 (Get on the Bus)

Mass Incarceration of Black Parents and its Effect on Black Girls

Maximum RocknRoll: The Queer Issue

Melina's Life

Memories of Freedom


Mental Health Zine: CSC 111-B



Moonland, Moonland, Moonland, Moonland


Music and Literature: Finding Your Identity

Mutinies: Vietnam

My Bitter Queen

My Black Tennis Experience

My First Little Book of GM Crop Decontamination

my life really do be suckin'

My Run In With Reverse Culture Shock

Neckmonster No. 6

Negative Reaction- No. 1- (Feb '77)

New Plantation

Next Stop: Adventure

Nightly Noodle Monthly: The Bomber

The No Band Photos Issue

No Mercy

Nonviolence and Its Violent Consequences

Note to Self

Not Very Nice State Children

Now N' Then

Oblast #2 A bicycle Trip

OllyOllyOxenFree!: A DIY Game Zine

On a Green Mountain With Masanobu Fukuoka: Sensei of Natural Farming

Orange Tango- No. 1- Brent Kirk

Oriental Whatever- March 2001

Our Enemy, Civilization: An Anthology Against Modernity

Outback Issue #12

Out of the Unknown


Pekopeko: A Zine about Food- No. 2


Pigeon Life

Pirate Radio

Plan Puebla Panama

Politicians Love Gun Control

Power of Women and the Subversion of the Community

Polyamory and You, Me, and Them

Prison Action News

Proof I Exist

Psalms of the Hippocampus

Pussy Riot

Quaranzine - May 2020

Quaranzine - Summer 2021

Queer Fungi

A Quick Guide to Transgender Healthcare Information in Davis, CA

Race Treason Behind Prison Walls

Rap/Hip-Hop Wellness

Reaching through the Bars

Reactionary Songs

Real Punx Don't Talk To Cops

Real Talk about Berea College

Rebel Rain


Reconsidering Primitivism

Red Tape Recorder- No. 1

Resistance to Interstate-69

Revitalizing Indigenous Cultures

Revolution And Insurrection

Revolutionary Solidarity


Rifle Foll 2015

Riot Grrl

Rock Out! Ideas on Booking D.I.Y. Shows!

Saturday Nite- Issue No. 1- Comics by Anson Jew

Say the Word: Conversations About Consent

Scabies: A Food & Drink Zine for the Modern Era

Secret Asian Man

See No, Speak No, Hear No: Articles & Questions About Sexual Assault

Self Destructor

Short & Queer No. 15

Short Takes For Sample


The Socialist and Labor Star

Soda Six Pack

Somos Berea


Soundscape Ecology

Southern Populism and Black Labor

Species Traitor

Spinsterwitch No. 3

Spirit of Freedom- June/July 2001

Standing Behind Me No. 5

Stand Up for Your Rights

State Prison Generated Mail

The Stockade Stood Burning

Strong Hearts

Student Environmental Action Coalition: The Force

The Story of Their Hands

The Subversion of Politics: European Autonomous Movements and the Decolonization of Everyday Life


Summer Forever

Suzzy is 1/2