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The Zine Guide

An online, full-text sampling of the zine collection housed in Berea College's Hutchins Library

3 Good Fishing Knots

3 Good Reasons Not to Join the Military

5 Reasons Why Android is Better than IOS

10 Reasons Why You Should Study Abroad

23 Everday Actions That Are Punishable by Death if You Are Black in America

25 Years on the MOVE

52nd City

500 Years of Indigenous Resistance

777 Quaranzine

Access in the Bluegrass

Activist's Guide to Basic First Aid

A Day When Nothing Is Certain: Writings on the Greek Insurrection

All About Trans Fats


Against the Grain

Against Zines


all the growing THINGS

Anarchy & Ecstasy

Anarchist Survival Guide For Understanding Gestapo Swine Interrogation Techniques

Andy Rogyny

Anti-History: An Indigenous Anti-Capitalist Analysis

Appalachia: Hanging on by a Thread

As Goddess As It Gets

Ask First!: Resources for Supporters, Survivors, & Perpetrators of Sexual Assault

Astounding Explorer Nicobar


At Daggers Drawn With the Existent, its Defenders, and its False Critics

A Zine About Virginity

A Babe's Guide to Battle Armor

Bacterial Turned Viral! No. 4

Bacteria Turned Viral! #6

Bad, Sad, and Ugly

Banned in America

Barnard Zine Library Zine

Basic Climbing Skillz/ Living in Treez

Basic Recon Skills

Becoming Destiney

Berea Scandal Uncensored, #2

Bessie Coleman

Beyond Agriculture

Beyond Equality

Beyond Oil

Black and Pink

Black Body Empowerment

Black Carrot No. 13

BIST Holocaust 2018

Bitter Feels

Black Boy Block Boy

Black Carrot #3

Black Enough: Not Too Much & Definitely Not Too Little- Jaleah Patton

Black Girls & Step

Bloom and Doom

Bodyhammer: Tactics and Self-Defense for the Modern Protester

Body Image?

The Book Was Better


Borrow & Loot

Bottle Return

Broken Barricades

Brutally Obscene No. 1

Building Bicycle Wheels

Burning Book Zine

Butter is Better

A Campaign for Real Milk

Caribbean Black Girlhood in the Diaspora- Gabriella Cime

Caught in the Web of Deception: and Other Writings on Anarchists and the Media

Censored By Silence



Chicos Estupidos: Fanzine for Teenage Atrocity-Issue No. 4 & 5 (2015)

Cite This Zine

Climate Movement

Coal Creek Rebellion


Collective Justice

Colonialism and the Legacy of Patriarchy


Color My Existential Crisis

Comics-Funnies/No.19/Winter 2016-2017

Commemorative History of the Minnehaha Free State and Four Oaks Spiritual Encampment

Common Sense Visitation

Complete Control 12

Concrete Alignment


Controlled by the Beat

Creating a Movement with Teeth: Communiques of the George Jackson Brigade

Cultural Diversity in Health Care

Cutlass No. 8

Daily Inspirations: To Live Life to the Fullest

Dear Gray Wolf

Dear Me. Dear Me.

The Defiant: Prisoners in the Global Resistance

Depopulation Plan

Dirty Birds

Distinguished Humans

Do Not File Under Manifesto No. 3

Do or Die

Draw Pat

The Ecological Effects of Roads

Eco-Terrorists of the Swamp

Elaho Valley Anarchist Horde: On the End of the 7 C's

Embracing Your Crown

Empty Orchestra

Equal Vision

Essays Towards a New Eco-Anarchism

Equine Assisted Activities & Therapies

Everyone Deserves Food

Evey in Orbit

Evil Minded

Expedite Death- No. 2

Face in the Mirror


FAQ about the Earth Liberation Front


Force Yourself: Film Fiction Fecundity

Field Guide to Coal Barons, Their Politicians, & Other Assorted Lackeys Involved in Mountaintop Removal

Finding Your Chill

Flag Day


The Forager's Guide to Campus

For America to Live, Europe Must Die

Foreign Body

Fostering Struggle


Future Fantastic