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The Zine Guide

An online, full-text sampling of the zine collection housed in Berea College's Hutchins Library


A Gen Z's Guide to YA Lit

Gender Issues Zine- No. 1

Give Me Back- Issue No. 6 "The Lost Issue"

Goat Milk- Issue No. 3

Great Women Through the Ages

Green Anarchist


Growing Up Black in a White America

Guide to Coping With Sexual Assault

A Guide to Young Adult Books and their Movie Adaptions

Gypsy Copy of the Lead Standard

Haiku Junky Issue no.3

Half-Gifts/ Issue No. 4

Hated and Misunderstood

Healed Within

Healthcare Disparities Among African American Women

Heart and Soul



Home Free

Hoodwinked in the Hothouse: False Solutions to Climate Change

Horse Latitudes

Hot Time: Summer in the Estates

How I Know Poetry

How the Hunger Games Has Changed the Game- Anamaria Matasaru

How to Build and Install a Rain Barrel

How to Change Your Identity

How to Make a Mini Zine


The Hungover Gourmet: The Journal of Food, Drink, Travel & Fun

I'm Not Like Other Girls...

Immigration Zine: CSC 111-A

Immigration, Imperialism, & Cultural Genocide

The Impact of Slavery Then and Now

In Defense of a Slytherin

Industrial Domestication

I Need a Hero: Black Female Comic Representation

In Memory

Instead of a Meeting

Insurrectionary Mutual Aid

Interstate 69

I Wanna Be Just Like Her- The Many Aspects of Black Girl Magic

Jackhammering Globalization

Journey Long Lived

Just a Number

Kampala My City

Kaotik Hero- Makin Punk Future No. 10

Kids Play the Darnedest Things

Know Your Zone


Labor Organizing: Some Basic Steps to Organizing a Union

Learning Good Consent

Lectures on Liberation by Angela Davis

Let Me Be Me- Erika Arviza

Letters to My Period

Life of an Immigrant Teenager

Life Is a Joke

Like Walking Onto Another Planet

Listening to the Land

Living My Best Life

L.G.B.T.-Let's Get Books Talkin'- Isaac Sexton

Lonely Road

Long Live Mutiny! Pirate Tactics

Long Tail Kitty

Looks As Though We've Got Ourselves a Convoy

Loyota Chin & the San Peligran Order [Chapter 3- Gene Young]

Lucid Adventure Poetry

Lycheenaut by Tara Sin