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The Zine Guide

An online, full-text sampling of the zine collection housed in Berea College's Hutchins Library

Kids Play the Darnedest Things

Know Your Zone


Labor Organizing: Some Basic Steps to Organizing a Union

Learning Good Consent

Lectures on Liberation by Angela Davis

Letters to My Period

Life Is a Joke No. 4

Like Walking Onto Another Planet

Listening to the Land

Lonely Road

Looks As Though We've Got Ourselves a Convoy

Lucid Adventure Poetry


Memories of Freedom


Moonland, Moonland, Moonland, Moonland

Mutinies: Vietnam

My First Little Book of GM Crop Decontamination

my life really do be suckin'

My Run In With Reverse Culture Shock

Neckmonster No. 6

New Plantation

No Mercy

Nonviolence and Its Violent Consequences

OllyOllyOxenFree!: A DIY GAME ZINE- No. 3

Our Enemy, Civilization: An Anthology Against Modernity


Pirate Radio

Plan Puebla Panama

Politicians Love Gun Control

Power of Women and the Subversion of the Community

Proof I Exist No. 9

Prison Action News

Queer Fungi

Race Treason Behind Prison Walls

Rap/Hip-Hop Wellness

Reaching through the Bars

Real Punx Don't Talk To Cops

Real Talk about Berea College


Rebel Rain

Resistance to Interstate-69

Revitalizing Indigenous Cultures

Revolution And Insurrection

Revolutionary Solidarity

Riot Grrl

Rock Out! Ideas on Booking D.I.Y. Shows!

Say the Word: Conversations About Consent

See No, Speak No, Hear No: Articles & Questions About Sexual Assault

Soda Six Pack

Somos Berea

Soundscape Ecology

Southern Populism and Black Labor

Species Traitor- Issue 2 Winter 2002

Spinsterwitch No. 3

Standing Behind Me No. 5

State Prison Generated Mail

The Socialist and Labor Star

Strong Hearts

Student Environmental Action Coalition: The Force

The Story of a Confused Christian


Summer Forever

The Subversion of Politics: European Autonomous Movements and the Decolonization of Everyday Life

Ten Lessons from the Criminalization of Dissent

Ten Washings Won't Cleanse You of Jewish Talk

These Cookies Got Me Vegan Laid

The Defiant: Prisoners in the Global Resistance

This is What Democracy Looks Like

Thoughts About Community Support


Too Far


Urban Guerrilla Zine- Issue No. 12

The Way of The Warrior

Watts Riot, 1965

We Are Everywhere: Prisoners in the Northwest

Welcome to America

Welcome to Boyhood

What Does Current Immigration Policy Accomplish?

Where I'm From

Why Gay Hookup Culture Sucks

Words of Fire

Work Community Politics War

You Cannot Kill Us, We Are Already Dead: Algeria's Ongoing Popular Uprising