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Library Collection Development - General Guidelines

Library Collection Development - Introduction

Berea College is a private undergraduate liberal arts college with a particular interest in the Southern Appalachian region. 

 While the College’s curriculum is centered on the liberal arts, Berea also awards Bachelor of Science degrees in the fields of Agriculture & Natural Resources, Nursing, Business Administration, Industrial Arts & Technology, and Education.  The College’s extensive General Studies curriculum reinforces the institution’s dedication to a liberal education.   

Berea College’s “Great Commitments” express belief in an affordable, high quality interracial education; the Christian faith and ethics; servant leadership; the dignity of labor; and service to the Southern Appalachian region.  

 The College is committed to being a residential, undergraduate institution.

Hutchins Library endeavors to support the College’s curriculum and its unique aims by acquiring and maintaining materials fundamental to a liberal arts education, augmented by collections that highlight the Southern Appalachian region, Berea College, and the city of Berea.   While the primary focus is supporting student learning, Hutchins Library also seeks to sustain a collection that fosters faculty research.