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Library Collection Development - General Guidelines


Recent technological innovations have altered collection development practices. Although Hutchins Library aims to provide access to needed material regardless of format, it prefers the specific formats designated below. Whenever possible, Hutchins Library replaces lost, damaged, or worn items in the preferred format.

Monographs & E-Books

Print is currently the preferred monograph format.   While hardback editions are preferred to paperbacks, price and anticipated use guide binding selection.

Hutchins Library holds e-books.   The majority of the works held in this format are collected through Berea’s association with the Appalachian College Association’s Central Library, but the library does pay for and/or subscribe to some e-book collections on its own.  Licensing agreements limit use of these resources to the Berea College Community only.

As appropriate, digital monographs in HTML format or Portable Document Files (PDF) are included in BANC, Hutchins Library’s online catalog. These works are free electronic access to purchased print items, government documents, public domain materials, open access resources, or NGO (non-government organizations) reports that support the curriculum.

Periodicals and Newspapers

Journals are collected in print and digital formats. While many periodicals are held and retained in print, a growing segment of the collection is digital, primarily in the form of online collections obtained individually or via cooperative agreements.   Future purchases of individual publications in digital formats are a possibility.   A few publications are purchased in microform only.

Regional, national and international newspapers are collected in print and digital format.   Hutchins Library subscribes to individual publications and to databases via cooperative agreements and via direct subscriptions.   Archival newspaper resources are either microform or online databases.

Audio Recordings

Compact disc (CD) is the preferred medium for audio recordings. Audiocassettes may be purchased if this is the only available format. Hutchins Library does not collect books on tape.   Although the phonograph record collection is maintained, there are no plans to increase holdings in this format.

Video Recordings

DVD in format one (1) is the preferred medium for video recordings.   VHS recordings in NTSC format may be purchased if this is the only available format.   Formats other than NTSC are not collected.

Video recordings with non-theatrical performance rights are preferred even if the cost is higher.   Home-use-only video recordings are acquired if non-theatrical rights are not available.   Home-use-only videos may be viewed in a class or in an individual’s home or dorm room, but may be viewed in Hutchins Library only by students registered in a course specifying the video.   Films are not acquired because of their high maintenance costs.

Sheet Music

Hutchins Library does not normally purchase individual sheet music.