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Library Collection Development - General Guidelines

Collection Maintenance Guidelines

Library resources undergo routine evaluation to determine whether de-selection is appropriate.  Major selection/de-selection projects are staggered. Withdrawing de-selected materials allows Hutchins Library to keep its collection current and supportive of Berea College’s curricular and educational goals.

The decision to de-select materials is based on several factors, including the following:

  • Obsolete content or format
  • Poor physical condition
  • Multiple copies of the same item in the collection
  • Better coverage of the subject by other materials in the collection
  • Economic feasibility
  • Low usage
  • Space limitations
  • Electronic access
  • Superceded by online version

Teaching faculty and library staff members identify materials to be de-selected in their appropriate subject areas.  The library staff member identifying materials that are damaged beyond repair consults with liaisons in the appropriate subject area to decide whether the items should be replaced.  The library staff is solely responsible for culling the general and non-curricular areas such as Fiction, Popular Reading, Reference, Children’s, and Special Collections.

Cooperative Arrangements

Hutchins Library participates in joint collection development projects with the:

These cooperative ventures directly affect the digital database collection, e-books, and online reference resources.   Consortium participation allows Hutchins Library to take advantage of price incentives.   Cooperative arrangements may result in a limited number of duplicate materials and resources that do not directly support Berea College’s curriculum, stated learning goals, or the Great Commitments.

 (updated Feb. 11, 2011)