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Library Collection Development - General Guidelines


Berea College students, faculty, and staff have the right to object to materials found in the collection, just as they have the right to request that Hutchins Library add materials to the collection. The goals of this policy are due process and timely resolution.

  • Library personnel receiving a verbal or written complaint about material report the complaint to the Director of Library Services.   Student workers notify their labor supervisor or the Director.
  • At his/her discretion, the Director may informally address these concerns, explaining Hutchins Library’s collection practices and philosophy to the concerned user.
  • If a formal reconsideration is requested, a reconsideration form is given to the concerned user.    The forms are available at the circulation and reference desks.
  • Reconsideration requests are not official until the appropriate form is completed, signed, and given to the Director.   Hearsay, phone calls, verbal complaints, anonymous objections, or e-mails do not constitute a request for reconsideration.
  • The Director supplies the concerned user with a copy of the Hutchins Library mission statement and the American Library Association Library Bill of Rights.
  • Challenged items remain available to the Berea College academic community pending a decision.
  • The Director, the appropriate subject collection development liaison, and the academic department/program liaison confer concerning the challenged material.
  • A decision is made in a timely fashion, usually within ten working days.
  • The Directory notifies the concerned parties in writing of the outcome.
  • If the concerned user wishes to make an appeal, the Director forwards the matter to the Campus Information Resources Committee.