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Circulation Module 7: Special Items

Origins of The Mug Library

The Mug Library was a special project started by Amanda Peach and another student. The Mug Library serves several functions, one being an art installation, but also as a way to make art more accessible to our students. These ceramic mugs were made by Berea College students, and though you can purchase them through the craft department, they can be a bit unaffordable for students. But with the Mug Library, anyone can check out a mug for a whole semester for free!

So You Want to Checkout a Mug


If a student colleague wants to check out a mug, follow these steps:

1.Go into our Google Sheets document

2. Record: their name, B number, the mug number, the checkout date, and your name.

If your student colleague is returning a mug,

1. Search their name (use functions: Ctrl + F)

2. Then you will record: the check-in date, and your name.

You can find a mug number located on the bottom of each mug in our collection


Oh No, The Mug, It's Broken

If a patron returns to inform you a mug has broken:

That is okay, Accidents happen! Just inform the patron to bring back the broken mug and all is forgiven! We DO NOT charge patrons for a broken mug.

So You're thinking of buying a mug

If a patron comes in and asks to purchase a mug, inform them that all mugs are a flat cost of $35. The library patron must come in Monday-Friday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm to purchase the mug. Sienna, Mrs. Patty, and Calvin are the only individuals who can process the mug purchases.