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Circulation Module 7: Special Items

What is it?

InterLibrary Loan (ILL) is a program that libraries around the world participate in. Patrons at one library can request a book at another and it is then shipped to their home library.

At Hutchins, the library absorbs the cost of shipping for ILL requests up to a certain amount. This allows our patrons to have access to all of the materials they could need (or want). This service is available to all patrons.

Costs for materials borrowed will be handled as follows:

  • Borrowing charges incurred for standard requests (up to $30.00) will be absorbed by the Library. Any additional charges for research or personal requests must be approved and paid for by the requestor.
  • Overdue fines will be charged at the rate of $.50/day beginning the day after the material is due for every day the library is open until it is returned or the maximum charge of $10.00 is reached. College students, faculty, and staff can pay fines in cash or they will be charged through the College accounting office. Town patron fines, if not paid when item is returned, will be placed on their circulation record and must be paid in cash.
  • Costs for damaged or lost books (as determined by lending library or after 20 days overdue) will be paid by the requestor. 

Length of loan is determined by the lending library. Renewals must be requested at least 5 days before the due date. 

Cool! How do I do it?

On the Hutchins homepage, click on the InterLibrary Loan link. It will direct you to a LibGuide about ILL. 

To create an account, click Create ILLiad account. Follow the instructions for setting up the account and make sure to use a password you will be able to remember.


Once you create your account and log on, you will be directed to the dashboard below.

From this page, you can request an item for loan, view your requests and patron history, or manage your account. Before requesting an item, double check to see if we have it at our library.

If we do not own the item, proceed with your request by clicking which type of item you need under the New Request tab on the side navigation. This example is a book request.

When requesting any item, you should fill out as much information as possible. The more information, the easier it is for our ILL department to find and order the item. To find all of the information necessary, I recommend searching for the item on

WorldCat is a database for libraries around the world. You can search for materials that you would like to request through ILL here. The item record will display the publication information, the OCLC number, and which libraries near you own the item. The closer the libraries, the faster you can receive the item.

If you look back at the order request form on your ILLiad account, there is a a line for the OCLC number. This number is a unique, sequentially assigned number associated with a record on WorldCat. Including this number in your request helps our ILL staff find the correct item more quickly. This number is located at the bottom of the item record on WorldCat along with the item's ISBN number.

After completing the request form to the best of your ability, click Submit Request. If the request is denied, you will receive a notice; otherwise, you will receive an email when the item has arrived at Circulation for you to pick up.

Special Considerations

  • Overdue fines for ILL items are more hefty than normal fines at Hutchins. If you need the item longer than the loan period, you must request a renewal 5 days before it is due. Keep an eye on your email because renewals are not always granted. Different libraries have different lending policies.
  • The item will have a paper wrapped around it with information about the lending library and the due date. Do not remove this wrapper. 
  • You will be responsible for paying for lost or damaged materials.
  • Loan items can take up to two weeks to arrive once the request has been accepted. Try to plan accordingly.
  • As a Circulation worker and a student, it is important for you to understand this process. However, you do not have to walk patrons through the entire process, especially if the desk is busy. Keep instruction to a minimum as Circulation's main duty is to be available to check materials in and out. Reference can assist patrons if they need additional guidance.
  • When a patron comes to pick up an ILL, you do not have to check it out in Voyager. Have them sign and date the slip of paper inside the item. When an ILL is returned, initial and date the blue paper wrapped around the item and place it on the ILL Return shelf.