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Circulation Module 7: Special Items

Checking Out Study Rooms

Hutchins Library offers a variety of study rooms for student use in addition to the open study spaces scattered throughout the building. On the 3rd (top) floor, there are two large group rooms and six two-person rooms. As the 2nd (main) floor is a more open space, there are only two large group study rooms. On the 1st (bottom) floor, there are two large group study rooms and two smaller group study rooms, as well as two classrooms.

Until recently, students were the only people allowed to check out these rooms. However we now have a new policy regarding study rooms which allows faculty and staff to rent them as well.

The loan period for a room key is 2 hours. Overdue fines for these keys are $1.00 per hour. 

All persons affiliated with the college must present their Berea College ID in order to check out or reserve a study room. This lets us know who is responsible for the room should anything happen.

These are all of the keys to available study rooms. If a key is hanging on its hook, it may be available. Before checking a key out, check the key book to ensure no one else has reserved the room.

This is the key reservation book. It has a column for every room we have available and rows for the times we are open. Before writing anything in the book, you should make sure the page is turned to the correct day. 

In order to indicate that a student has checked out a room, you should find the room number column and the time they checked the key out. Write the patron's name in that block. You will then draw an arrow down two blocks, representing the two hours they have in the room. At the end of the arrow, write down the exact time the key is due back.

At the top of the following picture, rooms 223 and 224 are blocked off for Anne Chase, the library director. Sometimes library faculty or staff may need access to one or more of the study rooms. In that case, they will block the rooms off for the required time. Make sure you do not check out that particular key to anyone if a room is blocked off.

At the bottom of the picture is a student's name with a symbol next to it, indicating that the student has reserved this room in advance for the evening. Patrons may request that a room be reserved for them, but only for that same day. Room reservations for future dates may be granted in certain circumstances by Calvin Gross or Anne Chase. To reserve a room, patrons can drop by in person, call the Circulation desk at x3364, or email Circulation.

When writing a reservation in the book, write the patron's first and last name and the time they will be picking up the key. Then beside the name, draw a capital R with a circle around it. This differentiates reservations from check outs. If a key is not picked up within 15 minutes of the reservation time, the patron forfeits their reservation and the key can be checked out to someone else.

Room keys may be renewed if no one else has reserved them. To do this, discharge the key and then charge it again to the patron. Patrons must present their Berea College ID when renewing a study room.

If a patron does not return a key in a timely manner (10 minutes) and someone else requests the room, please notify the staff member or building manager on duty. 

Special Considerations

  • A single student cannot reserve a study room for the time directly after their key is due back. However, another person studying with them may reserve the room after the key's due time.
  • Do not check out larger study rooms to individuals. We must keep large rooms open for groups, especially around finals week and the week prior.
  • Patrons may be asked to leave their study rooms if the staff member or building manager on duty see that they are misusing the space.
  • Never tell another patron which study room a patron is in. This violates confidentiality and poses a serious risk. If a patron is meeting someone else, they can write their name and room number on the whiteboard by Circulation if they'd like.
  • Only vending machine snacks and beverages are allowed in the study rooms. Hot food such as pizza must be eaten in the cafe area by the vending machines. Please tell a staff member or building manager if you notice anyone eating hot food in study rooms.
    • Please see the Appendix for the full food and drink policy.