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Circulation Module 6: Library Lending Policies

Renewal Policies

Faculty, Staff, and Students

Faculty, staff, and students can renew items either in person or online. These patrons can renew online once and renew a total of 3 times altogether. Only print materials can be renewed online.

To renew online, the patron should log in to their account on BANC. When entering the ID number, the patron must type B before entering the number.

After logging in, the patron should select all of the items they wish to renew and click "Request Renewal." The due date on the account page will then reflect the change.

Town Patrons and Special Patrons

Town patrons and special patrons can only renew items in person. 


*Renewal Over the Phone or E-Mail

It is library policy that patrons must renew in person or online. However, in certain circumstances staff or building managers may make exceptions to renew over the phone or e-mail. If that is to happen, the employee must explain to the patron that it is not our policy to do so.