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Circulation Module 1: An Introduction to Hutchins Library

About the Building Managers

The Building Managers are students who are responsible for the library when staff is not present. Building Managers and staff share similar responsibilities: maintaining library property, assisting patrons and student workers, assisting staff members with projects from various departments, and providing leadership to fellow student coworkers. These students assist in the training of other student employees, make sure the library is opened and closed properly, and ensure that all property in the building is functioning and maintained. 

As a Circulation worker, you will be working with a Building Manager during closing shifts and on Saturdays.They are trained in library policy, emergency procedures, and CPR/First Aid. If you run into any issues during your shift, please seek help from the Building Manager on duty first. The Building Manager will then handle the situation as necessary.

Building Managers can be promoted from any department within the library. Students chosen for this position must show great progress within their department, distinctive leadership qualities, and excellent people skills.