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Circulation Module 1: An Introduction to Hutchins Library

Technical Services Faculty and Staff


About Technical Services

Technical Services is located on the first floor (or basement) and is usually only open Monday through Friday, 8am - 5pm because it is not a public service point. Instead, Technical Services is where most of the behind-the-scenes action takes place in the library. This is the department responsible for:

  • purchasing new materials (books, DVDs, journals, CDs, office supplies, etc.) for the library
  • processing new materials once they arrive at the library; this includes giving these items barcodes, call number stickers for their spines, and catalog records so that they can be found when we or our patrons search for them in BANC
  • processing Interlibrary loan (or ILL) requests
  • repairing broken or damaged materials
  • paying the library's bills

There are a few reasons you would need to interact with Technical Services. These are:

  • If a student has experienced technical problems with their ILL request, you would want to contact Patty Tarter on the student's behalf and she will either tell you which steps the student should take next or she will ask you to bring the student downstairs to her
  • If you run out of office supplies on your shift (such as pens, paper, Kleenex, tape), you would want to visit Technical Services and ask Mary Beth to help you pick up what you need
  • If you come across a broken or damaged book or media item while shelving, you would want to fill out a repair request (which is kept at the Circulation desk), then check the item out to "Mending", and then finally take it downstairs to Mary Beth in Technical Services.


About the Technical Services Staff

Refer to Jessica when

  • You are having difficulties with the system. 


Refer the patron to Patty Tarter when they have questions about

  • InterLibrary Loans
  • Fines or fees associated with their account
  • The return of items declared "lost"
  • Labor positions within Acquisitions

Refer the patron to Mary Beth Bonet when they have questions about

  • Damaged items
  • The processing of newly acquired items
  • Labor positions within Cataloging