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Dulcimer Music in the Berea Sound Archives

Notable Dulcimer Musicians

Hubert Rogers; I.D. Stamper, and Jean Ritchie Together at the 1977 Celebration of Traditional Music

Phyllis Gaskins Interview 2012 Celebration of Traditional Music

Phyllis Gaskins of Elkton (Rockingham County), Virginia, specializes in the old Galax, Virginia, string band, fiddle-based dulcimer style that she learned to play over 30 years ago from her mentor, Raymond Melton The style goes back in the Melton family to the middle of the 1800s and is quite similar to that of many older West Virginia dulcimer players. 

Don Pedi 2009 Celebration of Traditional Music

Ashville, North Carolina based Don Pedi plays traditional southern Appalachian dance music. However, rather than chording behind another instrument, or playing a de-boned version of the melody, his dulcimer can be the lead or solo instrument on the most elaborate tune, while making more than enough of a syncopated kick for the music to be danceable.

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