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Folklore & Spoken Word in the Berea Sound Archives

Folklore & Spoken Word Performances
in the Berea Sound Archives

Folklore and Spoken Word performances in the Berea Sound Archives

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Folklore & Spoken Word Research Guides

These guides are the work of Archives staff and scholars supported by the College’s Sound Archives Fellowship Program.

Folklore & Spoken Word Collections

These collections contain audio and / or video content. Click on the collection title for more information, a complete list of collection recordings, and links to the digitized content.

             Kentucky Storytelling and Jack Tales
             Stories by Harry Caudill, Bert Combs, and Bill C. Clark from the 1970s. Jack tales by Leslie County Kentucky   
             school children 1949-1950.

Leonard Ward Roberts Collection

Includes audio recordings and transcriptions of folklore narratives collected by noted Kentucky folklorist Leonard Roberts.

Fifth National Festival of Black Storytelling Collection, 1987

Video recordings documenting the Fifth National Festival of Black Storytelling held at Berea College, November 12-14, 1987. Features of the event included concurrent storytelling sessions for various ages, the Second National Liars Contest, an informal "Swapping Ground" for storytellers, and scholarly lectures on the status of blacks in Appalachia.

Planting by the Signs in Kentucky Oral History Collection, 2018-2019

Seventeen audio recorded interviews with active gardeners that document the practice of scheduling planting, cultivating, and harvesting crops based on moon phases and astrological signs.