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Berea Sound Archives - Alan Jabbour Kentucky Fiddle Tune Transcriptions

Selected fiddle tune transcriptions with original source recordings.

Audio Highlight

Darley Fulks

Darley Fulks - Wolfe County, Kentucky
"Rooshian Rabbit," 01-05-1977.
Bruce Greene Collection, SAA 90 (BG-CT-115)

Alan Jabbour

Alan Jabbour2008 Berea College Appalachian Sound Archives Fellow Alan Jabbour transcribed these selections from among the many fiddle tunes he auditioned during his research. They were chosen to feature interesting Kentucky tunes and variants, and to highlight key elements of performance style as described in Mr. Jabbour's Fellowship Activity Report.

Alan's transcriptions pay particular attention to unison notes, a culturally significant fiddling trait which appears often in Kentucky and throughout the Appalachian South. A "unison" features the playing of the same note simultaneously on two adjacent strings. Double stops and drone notes are also included where their presence seems to be an important component to the music. Some drone patterns are not fully reproduced as to avoid clutter and distraction to readers of the transcription.

In addition to the transcriptions you may play digital audio files of the original source recordings. Simply click on player below each transcription link to play the tune.