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Emergency Procedures

In Case of Minor Injury

Minor injuries include falling down the stairs, small cuts, sprained ankles, etc. In the event of a patron receiving a minor injury, notify a staff member or building manager. They will then complete the following steps:

  • Perform first aid if necessary.
  • Get the injured person's full name and determine if they are a student, faculty/staff, or a town patron.
  • Call Public Safety (ext 3333) and explain what occurred. Public Safety will then file an incident report. Even if the person insists that they are fine, Public Safety should still be notified.
  • Public Safety may take the injured person to Health Services or the hospital depending on the injury.
  • Note of the incident will be made in the Building Manager Log.

In Case of Major Injury

Major injuries include freely bleeding wounds, broken limbs, heart attacks, or any other type of medical emergency. In the event of a patron receiving a major injury, notify a staff member or building manager immediately. They may ask for your help as they complete the following steps.

  • Perform first aid or CPR if necessary. 
  • Get injured person's name if responsive and find out if they are a student, faculty or staff, or a town patron.
  • Call 911 and request an ambulance.
  • Call Public Safety (x3333) and explain what has occurred and the steps taken thus far. They will then file an incident report.
  • Make a note in the Building Manager Log detailing the incident.

First Aid Tools

The FIRST AID KIT in Special Collections and Archives is located in the cabinet above the sink in the Processing area.

First Aid Kit with Medical Symbol Engraved Sign - 6" x 6"


Automated Emergency Defibrillator

 An AED, it is located at the Circulation Desk on the Main floor