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All About Spoon Bread: North Carolina

North Carolina Spoon Bread

Year Title / content notes Author or Group Call Number
1936 Pages From Old Salem Cook Books The Dorcas Co-Workers of the Salem Home Mt. 641.59756 P134

Egg Corn Bread or Spoon Bread

pages 12-13  

Spoon Bread

pages 13-14  
1956 Home Made Kitchen Magic Haywood County Extension Homemaker Clubs Mt. 641.59756 F2745

Spoon Bread

page 42  
1964 Southern Appalachian Mountain Cookbook Ferne Shelton Mt. 641.5 S545s

Spoon Bread

page 7  
1966 Flavors from the Foothills Hugh Catham Memorial Hospital Auxiliary (Elkin, NC) Mt. 641.59756 F589

Crusty (Soft Center) Spoon Bread

page 79  

Spoon Bread

page 79  

Spoon Bread

page 80  

Virginia Spoon Bread

page 80  
1967 Favorite Recipes of St. Andrew's Episcopal Churchwomen

St. Andrew's Episcopal Churchwomen (Canton, NC)

Mt. 641.59756

Egg or Spoon Bread

page 43  

Spoon Bread

page 43  

Spoon Bread

page 44  
1967? Favorite Recipes Old and New The North Carolina Federation of Home Demonstration Clubs Mt. 641.59756 F931

Southern Style Spoon Bread

page 22  

Southern Spoon Bread

page 23  

Spoon Bread

page 24  

Southern Spoon Bread

page 24  
1971 Colonial Holiday Treats Hutcraft (High Point, N. C.) Mt. 641.5 C719 c. 2

Plantation Days Spoon Bread

page 3  
1971 Favorite Recipes of the John C. Campbell Folk School Alice Tipton and Oris Cantrell Mt. 641.597 T595f

Southern Spoon Bread

page 23  
1971 Home Cooking Secrets of Asheville Women's Society of Christian Service St. Paul's United Methodist Church Mt. 641.5973 H765

Spoon Bread

page 26  
1971 Waldensian Cookery [publisher not identified] Mt. 641.59756

Spoon Bread

page 33  
1974 Mountain Cookin' Compiled and Cartooned by Louise and Bil Dwyer Mt. 641.597 D993m

Spoon Bread

page 8  
1979 Mountain Potpourri The Haywood County Hospital Auxiliary (Waynesville, North Carolina) Mt. 641.597 M9285

Frank's Spoon Bread

page 210  
1979 Mountain Cooking John Parris Mt. 641.5975 P261m


page 309  
1980 Cookin' Yankees Ain't Et Louise and Bil Dwyer Mt. 641.5 0445

Southern Spoon Bread

page 5  
1981 Tarheel Tastes The American Cancer Society Mt. 641.59756 T185

Hominy Spoon Bread

page 96  
1982 Mountain Elegance Asheville Junior League and friends Mt. 641.5975 M9275

Corn Spoonbread

page 113  
1984 Cannon Cookin' Cookbook Compiled by Employees and Friends of Cannon Memorial Hospital (Banner Elk, N.C.) Mt. 641.5 C226

Spoon Bread

page 31  

Company's Coming

The American Cancer Society Mt. 641.597 C737

Fluffy Spoon Bread

page 170  
1987 The Taste of Appalachia Lyn Kellner Mt. 641.5975 K29t

Spoon Bread

page 13  
1988 Plain Southern Eating John K. Crellin Mt. 641.5975 B317p

spoon bread

page 38  
1990 Cooking on Hazel Creek Duane Oliver Mt. 641.5 048c

Spoon Bread (an 18th century recipe)

page 53  
1990 Mast Farm Inn Family Style Sibyl Pressly Mt. 641.5 P935m

Aunt Josie's Spoonbread

page 63  
c.1990 Something's Cooking at First Baptist First Baptist Church (Winston-Salem, NC) Mt. 641.59756 S696

Spoon Bread

page 37  

Virginia Spoon Bread (Batter Bread)

page 38  
1992 A Taste of the Past Phyllis Connor Mt. 641.509 C752t

Mother Pollard's Spoon Bread

page 9  
1992 North Carolina & Old Salem Cookery Beth Tartan Mt. 641.597 T193n

Spoon Bread

pages 206-7  

Green Corn Spoon Bread

page 207  
1996 Log Cabin Cooking: Pioneer Recipes & Food Lore Barbara Swell Mt. 641.597 S974L

Thomas Jefferson's Spoon Bread

page 19  

Easier Spoon Bread

page 19