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AFR/SOC 132: Burnside (Fall 2023)

Introduction to Race in America

The Assignment


  • Nov 1st: Small Group Dynamics and Understanding the Assignment.
  • Nov ___: Literature Review Workshop in Hutchins Library; complete SSDAN Instruction work pages.
  • Nov 8th: Refining hypothesis and obtaining data; bringing laptops to class. Print two pages that show your hypothesis and describe your tables. Arrange for Peer Review outside of class (between Nov 8th - 11th) and turn it in when you submit your final SSDAN report.
  • Nov 13th: Submit FINAL SSDAN report on Moodle: length = 4-6 pages, including tables. ALSO: Prepare Oral Presentations of research, 4 minutes each (with 2-3 PowerPoint slides).

3 Sociological Perspectives

Sociological Theoretical Perspectives

Functionalism: A theoretical perspective based on the notion that social events can best be explained in terms of the functions they perform – that is, the contributions they make to the continuity of a society.

Conflict:  A theory which argues that deviance is deliberately chosen and often political in nature.

Symbolic Interactionism:  A theoretical approach in sociology developed by George Herbert Mead, which emphasizes the roles of symbols and language as core elements of all human interaction.

Works Cited:

Giddens, Anthony. Essentials of Sociology. New York: W.W. Norton & Co, 2008. Print.

Steps of the Literature Review

  1. Search for scholarly articles using my database recommendations

  2. Repeat your search in multiple databases, mixing and matching keywords

  3. Repeat your search in the book catalog - BANC - for books

  4. "Cite forward" in Science Direct and Google Scholar for further sources

  5. Organize your findings in some way: chronologically, geographically, topically/thematically, or methodologically

Conducting a Literature Review

Scholarly Articles