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Pine Mountain Settlement School Archives and Berea College Special Collections and Archives In Collaborative Partnership: Books, Journals, and DVDs

This guide shares information about inter-related archival holdings connecting Pine Mountain Settlement School and Berea College Special Collections and Archives.



These 19 works about PMSS are in the holdings of Berea College SCA. They may be accessed in the reading room, by appointment.


  • Appleton, Thomas H, and Angela Boswell. Searching for Their Places: Women in the South Across Four Centuries. University of Missouri Press, 2003. (Mountain 305.409 S439)

  • Atkins-Pope, Clara. Traditional Songs & Ballads of Pine Mountain Settlement School. 2003. (Mountain 782.421 T763 2003)

  • Bailey, Sarah, et al., directors. Sarah Bailey. Appalshop, 2011. (Mountain DVD 745 S243 2011)

  • Cole, Margaret. Hand-Weaving in Five Selected Mountain Communities of Kentucky. George Peabody College for Teachers, 1938. (Berea 746.14 C689h 1938)

  • Day, Carrie. The Love They Gave: A Tribute to Miss Katharine Pettit and Miss Ethel Delong, Founders of Pine Mountain Settlement School. 1982. (Mountain 373.222 D273L)

  • Greene, James S. Pine Mountain Beginnings. 2013. (Mountain 373.769 G811p 2013)

  • Greene, James S. Progressives in the Kentucky Mountains: The Formative Years of the Pine Mountain Settlement School, 1913-1930. 1982. (Mountain 373.222 G811p)

  • Husby, Scott, and Tracey Cullen. John A. Spelman III, Artist and Printmaker: From Appalachia to Minnesota's North Shore. Cook County Historical Society, 2021. (Mountain 760 S743zh 2021)

  • Oldendorf, Walter P. Community Based Education at Pine Mountain School. 1981. (Mountain 373.222 O44c)

  • Pine Mountain Settlement School. Handbook of the Pine Mountain Guidance Institute. 1939. (Mountain 370.72 P649h)

  • Pine Mountain Settlement School. One Man's Cravin'. Pine Mountain Settlement School, 1945. (Mountain 373.222 C913zp)

  • Pine Mountain Settlement School. Pine Mountain Bulletin. Harlan Co., Ky. (Mountain 373.769 P649p)

  • Pine Mountain Settlement School. Song Ballads and Other Songs of the Pine Mountain Settlement School. 1923. (Mountain 782.42159 S698 1923)

  • Pine Mountain Settlement School and Mary Rogers. The Pine Mountain Story, 1913-19801980. (Mountain 373.222 P649p)

  • Spalding, Susan Eike. Appalachian Dance: Creativity and Continuity in Six Communities. University of Illinois Press, 2014. (Mountain 793.319 S734a 2014)

  • Spelman, John A, and Fitzgerald Rivers of America Collection (Library of Congress). At Home in the Hills: Glimpses of Harlan County, Kentucky, through the Media of Linoleum Block and the Woodcut. Pine Mountain Print Shop, 1939. (Mountain 760 S743)

  • Westover, Peter, et al. The Green Book: Teaching Ecological Concepts Outdoors. Pine Mountain Environmental Education Center of Pine Mountain Settlement School, 1974. (Mountain 372.357 G798)

  • Wilder, Jenny B. Pine Mountain Settlement School: "Education for Living"1991. (Mountain 373.769 W673p 1991)

  • Wilson, E. K, and Pine Mountain Settlement School. A Pine Mountain Study in Civics. Pine Mountain Settlement School, 1937. (Mountain 373.769 W747p)