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Open Pedagogy

What is Open Pedagogy?



Open Pedagogy refers to practices that engage students in the creation of information, rather than simply the consumption of it.  It leverages the "open" nature of OER to facilitate learning, and emphasizes community and collaboration, sharing resources ideas and power.  

Examples of Open Pedagogy

5 Rs of Open Pedagogy

Using the 5 Rs of OER as a model, these 5 Rs (Jhangiani, 2019) provide a framework for values embedded in open pedagogy:


  1. Respect for the agency of students and creators
  2. Reciprocate by contributing back to the commons and building community
  3. Risk is always present with open pedagogy, and we should be mindful of how risks are higher for some (e.g., women, students and scholars of color, precarious faculty)
  4. Reach means having an impact beyond the classroom
  5. Resist destructive forces in order to be antiracist, democratizing, liberatory, and decolonized

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