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Historical Survey of Log Structures in Southern Appalachia: Page 7

An essay with 84 images that illustrate how environment can contribute to the formation of culture

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As production increased, the Double-Crib barn was added to in various ways. Side driveways or sheds could be attached (56), or more log cribs could be constructed. The four-crib barn was developed in southeast Tennessee by placing two Double-Crib barns side by side and connecting them by runways going from gable to gable and side to side (57). From this form the transverse crib barn was developed by boarding up one runway (58). This type is found in east Tennessee and is well suited for corn and hay storage.

The cantilever barn is round in the southern mountains of Tennessee, especially in the Great Smoky region. It is simply a Double-Crib barn with an overhanging loft on 2 or 4 sides (59). This type of construction is believed to have evolved from medieval German house types and may have been introduced into Appalachia from Pennsylvania.

The "Drover's barn" is similar to the cantilevered barn in having a large, overhanging, frame loft for hay storage (60). In this case, the loft is supported by log piers. This structure is much bigger than most barns, for it served as a "cattle hotel", a place where farmers could stable their herds for a night as they drove them off the mountains to market (61).

The mountain farmstead consisted of several outbuildings in addition to the house and barn. Blacksmith shops, corn cribs (62), smoke or meat houses (63), tool sheds (64) milkhouses, springhouses (65), pumphouses, well houses, wash houses, and root cellars all served specific functions in the self-sufficient lifestyle of an Appalachian farmer.

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