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Exhibits and Displays in Hutchins Library

For information on Library display policies and permanent exhibits.

Appeal to Divine Providence by Stanley James Watts

Donated by Pete and Arline Harman, the Appeal to Divine Providence is located on the third floor of the Hutchins Library.  It depicts three of the founding fathers: John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, and Thomas Jefferson holding a slightly revised copy of The Declaration of Independence.  Take a note of the detail.  It is possible to read this document in Thomas Jefferson's hand while he bows his head in prayer.

Appeal to Divine Providence deals with a subject and theme typical of Stanley Watts' work, noted by a particular air of nearly beatific reverence for the divine and a spirit of patriotism deeply seated in tradition.  Watts, a native of Salt Lake City, Utah, is a member of the Utah chapter of SAR, the Sons fo the America Revolution, a group devoted to preserving the history and identity of those patriots who fought during the Revolutionary Was.  His bronze sculptures have been displayed across the country and earned his significant repute.

Berea College received this donation from the Harmans in November 2000, roughly a year after its completion, as part of a plan to place one of 50 models in every state.  Each of the 50 models distributed throughout the country are scaled to 1/2 life size at an apt price of $17,760.00 per set.  Although 250 models of Appeal to the Divine Providence scaled at one-fourth life size exist, Hutchins Library is pleased to be the sole owner of Kentucky's only half life size copy.

Prepared by Paul Coyro