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Written by Jaime Bradley

Kirke Smith

Kirke Smith
Kirke Smith, while a student at Berea College, circa 1893-1894. Photo Courtesy of Alvin Seals

Kirke Smith graduated from Berea College in 1894, and served as Principal with the Lebanon County Schools 1895-1910. He served a vital role as solicitor of funds during the 1908-1912 campaign to build the Lincoln Institute following the enactment of Kentucky's Day Law. He then served as Dean of the Normal Department and Dean of Men at Lincoln Institute until 1933.

On 6 October 2011, Kirke Smith was honored on Founder's Day by Berea College.



During late September and early October 2011, an exhibit of the papers related to Kirke Smith and Sallie Johnson Smith from the Berea College Archives were on exhibit in the lobby of Hutchins Lobby to help commemorate and celebrate Founder's Day.

Kirke Smith
Founder's Day Exhibit
6 October 2011

Attendance Card: Kirke Smith, 1890-1894.
Attendance Card: Sallie Johnson, 1889-1894.


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