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Fee Friendship Quilt in the Berea College History Artifacts Collection

An exploration of the friendship quilt presented to Matilda Fee by the women of West Union, Ohio in 1854

Block 28


M        M Smasher

West Union Oh

Feb 12th 1854

Block 29


Miss R. E. Kirker

West Union

Ohio Jan 4th 1854

Block 30


Mrs. Mary S. Briggs

West Union A Co

Ohio March 2nd


Block 31


Mrs Jane Evans

West Union A Co

Ohio Oct 4th


Block 32


Mrs Phebe Wallis (---Phoebe?)

West Union Oh


Block 33


Miss Harriett A Bradford

 West Union A Co

Ohio Sep 9th


Block 34


Miss Sarahe H. Graham (– not a type-o)

West Union A Co

Ohio Sep 6th


Block 35


Miss R. J Bradford

West Union Oh 1855

Block 36


A Co Jane H. C. Conick

West Union Oh

Nov 3rd 1853