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Fee Friendship Quilt in the Berea College History Artifacts Collection

An exploration of the friendship quilt presented to Matilda Fee by the women of West Union, Ohio in 1854

Block 1


Margaret Sara Ellis

Block 2


Mrs. Harriett Lyn(?)ns

Of the Free Church

West Union Oh

A Co 1854

Block 3


Miss Mary P Woodrow

West Union Oh

A Co 1854

Block 4


Mrs Sarah W Bradford

West Union

A Co. Ohio

March 12th


Block 5


Mary B. Ellison

Block 6


Mrs Sarah Woodrow

West Union Oh


Block 7


Miss Hester. E. Cockrill (----- Possibly derived from Cockerill)

West Union A Co

Ohio Dec 9th


Block 8


Miss Sarah Wallis

West Union Oh

Apr 15th 1854

Block 9


Mrs. Sarah Graham

West Union Oh

Feb 10th