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Written by: Heather Dent. '11, Edited by: Katie Grindstaff, '15

Chandler McCuskey Brooks

Chandler McCuskey Brooks was a professor of physiology, a well-known lecturer, and published author.


Early Life, Education, and Career

Chandler McCuskey Brooks was born in Waverly, West Virginia. He attended Oberlin College where he received his A.B. degree in Zoology in 1928. He obtained his M.A. in biology and Ph.D. in biology and physiology at Princeton University.

Brooks has taught physiology at a wide range of prestigious universities throughout the country. He has held positions at Harvard University School of Medicine, John Hopkins University School of Medicine, and the Downstate Medical Center of the University of New York where he became chairman of the Department of Physiology and eventually Dean of university.

Brooks ventured away from the United States to spread his scholarly work as a lecturer or visiting professor in a wide spectrum of international countries including: New Zealand, Australia, Brazil, Uruguay, Japan, India, and Lebanon. He also served numerous positions of leadership in national professional organizations such as the National Board of Medical Examiners, National Institute of Health, American Association for the Advancement of Science, and Harvey Society.

Publications and Interests

Brooks was a well respected author in the field of physiology. He wrote technical reports, major articles, and chapters in a number of journals and treatises. He also served as an editor for several professional journals and books. He published over two hundred papers dealing with issues such as: the nervous system (central control of the autonomic system, etc.), cardiac excitability, the reaction of the total organism to stimuli and stress, and the history of physiological thought. In addition to this he co-authored three books: Excitability of the Heart (1955), Humors, Hormones and Neurosecretions (1962), and Japanese Physiology – Past and Present (1965).

In addition to his busy career, Brooks enjoyed attending operas, ballets, and the theater. He was an active member in the Presbyterian Church, serving as a deacon, elder, and representative to the Presbytery and general assembly.


Berea College awarded Chandler McCuskey Brooks the honorary degree of Doctor of Science in 1969.

Additional Resources

  • Berea College Vertical File, Special Collections and Archives

  • RG 11 – Honorary Degrees III, Berea College Archives  

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