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Getting Started (Mango FAQ)

My library offers Mango Languages! I want to start using the program, so what do I do?

Please make sure that you are accessing Mango Languages through the link on your library’s website. You will need to log in this way each time that you use Mango. This is done to verify that you are a patron of your specific library. Once you have reached your library’s home page, search for the Mango Languages link. (Listed on the Electronic Resources page).

If you are off-campus, you will be asked to login using your network account name and password.

You will have the option to start learning right away as an anonymous user or to create a profile, which will allow you to track your progress and time spent learning each language. If you create a profile, you will receive an activation e-mail with an activation link. This link is to be used only once to activate your account.  Every subsequent log in should be through the link on your library’s website. After you complete these simple steps, you should be all set to start language learning with Mango!