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Free/Low Cost screen-casting program. This program can be used to create videos of lectures or other informational topics using video and audio. Contact Educational Technology for more information.


        Why Should I Create a Screen Cast?






Screencast-o-Matic is a Web 2.0 tool that you can use to create short information videos using your computer or laptop. Generally, screen cast videos are used for foundational lectures and in classes that follow a "Flipped" or "Blended model."  The Flipped classroom is defined as using digital objects such as a re-usable video or screen cast, to deliver and model the foundational topics in a class.  An example might be of a Math class that is introducing Polynomial equations. The initial lecture is recorded using screen casting software and then uploaded to a Learning Management System like Moodle.  Students watch the lecture or modeling activity and then use class time to work out problems or other assigned material. This method has proven helpful in various subjects due to the ability of students to repeatedly watch the initial lectures and to have hands-on help during class work time. 


Other uses for Screen Cast videos are:

  • Staff Training Videos
  • Research videos for students
  • Labor Student requirements for work
  • Informative videos on any subject or computer software training
  • Classwork for student projects.  Ex: Digital Storytelling