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Coverlets in the Appalachian Artifacts Collections

Ten interesting coverlets in the Appalachian Artifacts Teaching Collection

About This Guide

This guide is based on the Digital Library of Appalachia coverlet project of 2006. Student Curatorial Associate Brittney Westbrook selected the coverlets, compiled the information, and photographed the coverlets. Student Curatorial Associate Travis Rigg edited and produced this guide in 2013.  Student Curatorial Associate Kathryn Dunn did additional editing in 2015.  Curator Christopher Miller added the interpretive essay in 2020. 

Visual Index of All Coverlets



All artifact images Copyright Berea College 2006

Artifacts by Maker

Clara Wyatt - 1993.2.1

Louanna Erwin - 1997.31.1

Mrs. Martin - 1988.1.1

Ollie Cowley - 2001.10.1


Artifacts by Location

Berea, Kentucky - 1993.2.1

Hardin County, Kentucky - 2001.10.1

Harrodsburg, Kentucky - 2003.19.2

Maytown/Langly, Kentucky - 1988.1.1

Unknown, Kentucky - 1994.5.1