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Circulation Module 2: Duties and Expectations of Circulation Workers

Rules and Regulations

As a public service desk, the patron is our first priority. There are certain rules and regulations in place to ensure that the library remains a pleasant and professional atmosphere. Please keep the following in mind when you clock in for your shifts.

  • What happens at work stays at work. Confidentiality is taken extremely seriously here as we deal with patrons' personal information on a daily basis. Under no circumstance is it appropriate to discuss sensitive work matters outside of the library. Please consult the Confidentiality Statement in the Appendix if you have questions.
    • We cannot give out patron information to other patrons. For example, you cannot tell a student which study room a friend has checked out. There is a large whiteboard in front of Circulation that students can use to write their location if they wish.
  • When working at the desk, you must be attentive and polite to patrons at all times. If you are working on a project on the computer or reading a book, be aware of anyone approaching the desk. It is never okay to ignore a patron to finish a sentence.
  • There are no headphones allowed at the desk. You may have your cell phone, but if you need to make a phone call, please go into the student workroom.
  • Interactions with friends at the desk must be kept to a maximum of 5 minutes. Patrons are often hesitant to approach the desk if someone is already there, so we must keep the desk open for those needing assistance. 
  • Food is not allowed at the desk. You may eat in the student workroom as long as the desk is covered.
  • Chewing gum is not allowed at the desk.

  • Monitor noise levels behind the desk. Although the main floor is usually a fairly noisy space, Circulation workers should not add unnecessary noise by speaking loudly or playing music.

Please see the Appendix for the complete rules of conduct for all Hutchins Library student employees.

Hygiene and Appearance

Circulation is a department that actively engages the public and as such it employs reasonable standards of appearance.  These standards are:

  • All students are expected to maintain a basic standard of hygiene and cleanliness, regardless of their position or department. This includes bathing regularly for cleanliness, as well as for controlling distracting odors. Use of deodorant or antiperspirant may be required to minimize body odor, especially when the weather is warm. Please refrain from using excessive perfumes or colognes, however, out of respect for patron allergies/sensitivities. 
  • It is preferable for shoes to be worn at the desk.
  • Clothing should be workplace appropriate. Clothing that reveals too much cleavage, your stomach, or your underwear is not appropriate. Refrain from wearing any article with offensive words or images.