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Considering a career in Librarianship?

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Public Librarianship

“One of the reasons I love being a librarian is there is not a typical day. As a school librarian, I may have classes in to do research one day. I teach how to find and evaluate information. You would think that this generation would know that since they grew up online, but they do not. The next day I may be hosting a book fair or an author visit or a book discussion over lunch. There are hands-on activities like cataloging and repairing books. I am asked to repair technology in the building so often am asked to go to a teacher's classroom to look at their LCD projector or computer. The favorite part of my job is talking to students about books and getting them excited about reading. Sometimes that takes the form of an entire class coming to the library so I can "book talk" a cart full of books. Other times it is having a one-on-one conversation with a student about what books they read that they thought were wonderful to help determine which books to recommend. My long-term goal is to make the students lifelong readers and users of libraries. The least favorite parts of my job are trying to get all the books returned at the end of the year especially from teachers and all the paper work such as writing grants. I've worked with kindergartners singing nursery rhymes, wiping noses, and getting unsolicited hugs through seniors doing research on the Holocaust and listening to their angst. I do a lot of listening. As librarian I have an unusual relationship with the students. I'm one of the few adults in their lives that isn't demanding they sit quietly or turn in homework or get their grades up. I just listen. I am proud that I create an environment that is emotionally safe. Therefore, I get a handful of students before and after school everyday that are needy. In a year or two, they outgrow the need, and a new crop of needy students find their way to the library. Currently I am an unofficial sponsor to a Gay-Straight Alliance club that my administration is actively trying to repress.”


-(Via User u/bluesimplicity on Reddit (comment link)

Academic Librarianship

"Honestly, no such thing as a typical day. Any given day might include:

- Teaching a one-shot instruction class research skills, citation, plagiarism, or something else
- Reference duty
- Appointments to help students or faculty with research
- Teaching my 3-credit research class/grading/meeting with students
- Creating instructional materials/guides/tutorials
- Working on programming
- Attending faculty and committee meetings
- Working on weeding processes
- Working on collection development
- Helping my student with interlibrary loan
- Collaborating with colleagues on everything from student retention to Constitution Day's voting registration drive

It's all over the place. It's one thing I love about it."

(Via user u/aerrin on Reddit)