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Brooms in the Appalachian Artifacts Collection

Selected brooms and broom-making-related artifacts as documented by Student Curators in 2015


This guide is based on the broom documentation project of summer 2015. Student Curatorial Associate Justin "Dean" Burton '15 examined and described the brooms. Student Curatorial Associate Shadia Prater photographed the brooms, edited the images, and did much of the technical work to produce this guide. Christopher Miller was the supervising curator.

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The Appalachian Artifacts Teaching Collection is held by the Loyal Jones Appalachian Center at Berea College. For additional information or to access the collection contact Curator Christopher Miller.  Explore more of our virtual exhibits and collections using the links below.

Appalachian Center Curator

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Christopher Miller
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Brooms in the Appalachian Artifacts Collection

The broom is an ancient implement known to most times and places. It is a basic, universal tool, much like a hammer or knife. Across history and geography they are found varying in materials according to what is/was available to the maker, and in size and space according to the purpose.  

There is little distinctively Appalachian about the broom, except perhaps some of the materials used in handles, some specific combinations of materials, and the persistence of hand broom making as a part of the region's healthy handicraft culture. 

These brooms are those that have come into our collections through systematic, but non-comprehensive collecting. They are a sampler, if you will, of those made in the region.

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