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Artifacts Collections - General Information

Berea College Artifact Collections: Information about extent, access, and use

For Students

Artifacts are primary sources useful for many kinds of research in many disciplines. Students are provided broad and easy access to the teaching collections. The best way for students to explore the collections is by contacting the Curator by email or phone to talk about their interests and to schedule a time to visit the artifact storage room.  Study spaces allow students to spend as much time as necessary examining artifacts and the information about them.  Photography of artifacts is allowed. 

For Faculty

For Berea College faculty we offer a variety ways to include encounters with artifacts in your teaching.  From classroom sessions, led by the curator or yourself, to the loan of single objects, to out of class research encounters, we can accommodate your learning goals.  The curator has developed a rich material culture pedagogy that is available to you and is eager to learn from your ideas and the unique approaches of your discipline.  While the collections may be Appalachian, your contact many not be.  The artifact collections have been used in courses as diverse as "Food, Culture, and Society," "The Geometry of Quilts," GSTR 210, and many more.  Faculty requests recieve proirity so contact the Curator by email or phone 859.985.3373 to discuss your ideas. 

For Researchers

As a teaching collection we make our collections accessible to anyone seeking to learn from them.  Top explore our collections contact the Curator by email or phone 859.985.3373 to discuss your interests and schedule your encounter.