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Artifacts Collections - General Information

Berea College Artifact Collections: Information about extent, access, and use

Description of the Collections under the College Curator

The Appalachian Artifacts Collection

About 4,000 cultural artifacts and specimens related to Appalachia, past and present.  It includes historical domestic life, regional crafts, musical instruments, tools and equipment, and objects that portray Appalachian identity.

College History Artifact Collection

About about 600 artifacts preserved from the College's history. It includes items from College crafts and industries, student life, and teaching.

Wallace Nutting Furniture Collection

Berea owns 200 pieces of Wallace Nutting furniture. A small number on on display at the college's Log House Craft Gallery. Most pieces are in use in offices and private spaces. We do not actively collect Wallace Nutting furniture or prints.

Other Collections at Berea College:

To inquire about any of these collections contact the department directly.