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Hillbilly Stereotype Objects in the Appalachian Artifact Collections

18 Hillbilly Stereotype Artifacts Described by Student Curator Brittney Westbrook in 2006

Salt and Pepper Shaker Set 2003.33.1-3

[Accession 2003.33.1-3]

This is a salt and pepper set, circa 1970-1979. The jug is used as a pepper shaker, and the reclining "hillbilly" is used as a salt shaker. The set was made in Japan.

Tennessee Souvenir Salt and Pepper Shakers 2003.32.1-2

[Accession 2003.32.1-2]

The shakers are in the shape of "hillbilly" figures. There are three small holes in the top of each shaker and one large hole with a plastic plug in the bottom. There are several chips on the shakers. They are marked "TENNESEE." They are made of ceramic, plastic and paint.

North Carolina Hillbilly Salt and Pepper Shakers 2004.41.1

[Accession 2004.41.1]

This set contains a salt shaker and a pepper shaker that are in the shape of moonshine jugs stuffed with corn cobs. Two holes are located within each of the corn cobs. The set also contains a figurine of a "hillbilly " man wearing "hillbilly" clothing and carrying a shotgun. It is marked "North Carolina." The set is made of ceramic, plastic, and paint.

Maw and Paw Coffee Mugs 2003.36.1-2

[Accessions 2003.36.1-2]

This is a set of white ceramic coffee mugs. One is a "Maw" mug and the second is a "Paw" mug. The "Maw" mug depicts a "hillbilly" woman in her house doing domestic work, while the "Paw" mug depicts a "hillbilly" man drinking "moonshine." The mugs feature the colors red, blue, brown, green, and black. They are made from white ceramic, a transfer pattern, and clear glaze.

Hillbilly Wooden Jewelry Box 2004.36.1

[Accession 2004.36.1]

The lid contains the depiction of a "hillbilly" man fishing in a creek while smoking a pipe. Cracks are visible on the lid of the box. It is marked "BIG BEAR LAKE, CALIF/ HILL BILLY/ JOOL BOX." The box is made out of a carved out section of a tree branch, paint, leather, and metal.