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Hillbilly Stereotype Objects in the Appalachian Artifact Collections

18 Hillbilly Stereotype Artifacts Described by Student Curator Brittney Westbrook in 2006

Hillbilly Themed Beverages

Hillbilly Joose Soda Can 2002.33.1

[Accession 2002.33.1]

The object is a 12 oz. size Soda can that has an image of a Hillbilly man holding large jug. The can has a pull tab that has become separated from the can. The can is Distributed by Cotton Club Bottling Co. The can is marked "WITH THAT "HUG-A-JUG FLAVOR/ WORTH FUEDIN' AND FIGHTIN' FOR"/ COTTON CLUBS/ Hill/ Billy/ JOOSE." It is made from aluminum and printing ink.

Hillbilly Brew Green Soda Bottle 2004.39.1

[Accession 2004.39.1]

The soda bottle is green with white and red markings. It is marked "LIL/ BROWN/ JUG/ HILL BILLY/ BREW."

Hillbilly Beverages Strawberry Soda Can 2003.35.1

[Accession 2003.35.1]

The soda can is double seam pressed together and has a depiction of a "hillbilly" man walking along a path on its front. The can is marked "STRAWBERRY /SODA/ ARTICFICALY FLAVORED/ HILL/ BILLY/ Beverages." It is made from aluminum and printed ink.

Hillbilly Beverages Clear Soda Bottle 2004.40.1

[Accession 2004.40.1]

The bottle displays the figure of a "hillbilly" man holding a moonshine jug while smoking a pipe. The head of the man is seen on the neck of the bottle on its reverse side. The front is marked "HILL/ BILLY/ Beverages." The back is marked "Contains 16 Ounces/ HILLBILLY BEVERAGES/ RICHLAND CENTER, WIS.” It is made from glass and printing paint.

Stitzel-Weller Hillbilly Whiskey Decanter 2002.18.1

[Accession 2002.18.1]

This object is a commemorative/collectable whiskey bottle for Old Cabin Still Whiskey made by Stitzel-Weller Distillery of Louisville, Kentucky, around 1969.  It was sold full of whiskey.  A Kansas liquor stamp is located the on the left arm and a US revenue stamp is located on the back of the figure's hat.

Hillbilly Red Pop Coin Bank 2004.26.1

[Accession 2004.26.1]

The can contains the depiction of a "hillbilly" family. The can was used to hold soda, but was made into a coin bank. The bank is primarily red but displays a myriad of blues and browns. The can is marked "HILL BILLY / RED POP/ POCONO."