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Critical Self Reflection in Labor



IOWA GROW® conversations use 4 key questions:

• How is this job fitting with your academics?

• What are you learning here at work that’s helping you in school?

• What are you learning in class that you can apply here at work?

• Can you give me a couple of examples of what you’ve learned here that you think you’ll use in your chosen profession?


Self-evaluations are a great way to fill downtime because they:

  • Assign meaning to work 

  • Provide students the ability to understand how you are evaluating them by allowing them to evaluate themselves using the same criteria.

  • Provide students with an opportunity to brag on themselves in case some of their hard work has gone unseen.

  • Are great practice for the future when they will have to evaluate themselves at work.

Mock Interviews

Mock interviews are a great way to fill downtime because they:

  • Allow students to self reflect while practicing speaking skills

  • Provide practice for future job interviews or grad school admission interviews

  • Allow for teambuilding by allowing students to connect with one another

Writing prompts

Writing prompts are great because they:

  • Can be printed out ahead of time to be used WHENEVER is convenient/ require no other preparation beyond a pencil

  • Allow students to focus intently on a few questions chosen by you

  • Allow students practice written communication skills

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