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Promo Video Competition

Video Rubric

Reference students were challenged to create a video that could be used for marketing and promotion purposes.


Their subject? Any of the following services, events, or collections: 

  • graphic novels
  • ​zines
  • Banned Books Week
  • The Cup Library
  • Dungeons & Dragons gaming events

As you rank the following videos, consider both the content and the quality of the production:

  • focus: if original video was incorporated, was the camera in focus?
  • transitions: were transitions smooth? did they make sense?
  • content: was the content compelling? did it inspire curiosity about the service or collection?
  • sound: were music or voice-overs used effectively?
  • language: were there spelling or grammar errors within captions?

At the bottom of this page is a survey where you can rank the videos according to your preference:


Banned Books


Dungeons & Dragons

Cup Library

Ranking form