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Made in Appalachia: Beyond Cabins, Crafts, and Coal

A virtual exhibit featuring Artifacts and their stories that explore Appalachian material culture beyond its stereotypical inclusions.

About This Guide - Exhibit Project

This guide is based on the "Made In Appalachia: Beyond Cabins, Crafts, and Coal" exhibit/collections project produced during summer/fall of 2013 for the main gallery of the Loyal Jones Appalachian Center at Berea College.  Student Curatorial Associate Joey Shephard did most of the initial research and artifact selection. Student Curatorial Assistant Caroline Hughes did the artifact photography and produced this guide in fall 2013.  Student Curatorial Associate Matt Heil served as collections registrar.   Christopher Miller was the supervising curator.  Student Curatorial Associate Kathryn Dunn completed additional editing in 2015.

All artifact and specimen images Copyright Berea College 2013, 2014.

LJAC Artifact Guides

The Appalachian Artifacts Teaching Collection is held by the Loyal Jones Appalachian Center at Berea College. For additional information or to access the collection contact Curator Christopher Miller.  Explore more of our virtual exhibits and collections using the links below.

Artifact Indexes

This page includes a variety indexes to the artifacts in this project: visual, by location, by manufacturer.  Scroll down to see them all.

Visual Index of Artifacts













All artifact images Copyright Berea College 2013.