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Firearms in the Appalachian Artifacts Collections

Eight selected firearms described by Student Curator Matt Heil in 2013

About This Guide

This guide was created during the Firearms Cataloguing Project of 2013. Student Curatorial Associate Matt Heil researched and described these firearms. Student Curatorial Associate Travis Rigg edited this guide. Necessary technical adjustments were done by Shadia Prater in 2015.

Visual Index

Colt M1855 Military Revolving Rifle 1970.3.43     

Index by Manufacturer

Richardson & Overman: 1970.3.44

Springfield Arsenal: 1975.3.129

Harpers Ferry Armory: 1975.3.128

Colt’s Manufacturing Company: 1970.3.43

Philip S. Justice & Company: 1970.3.45

Unknown: 2005.7.3 1981.13.42 1978.13.36