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Abby Houston
Office: Hutchins Library 221

Hutchins Library
Berea College
Berea, KY 40403


How do we approach digital scholarship?

Our Digital Scholarship Initiative is based around the research model for liberal arts colleges where the initiative is centered in the campus library. Unique even to a liberal arts college, we utilize peer-to-peer instruction, placing a heavier emphasis on the undergraduate learning experience.

How do I start a digital scholarship project? 

If you are interested in starting a digital scholarship project, we encourage you to contact the Digital Initiatives Librarian to schedule a meeting to discuss your project, future needs, and how Hutchins Library can best partner with you. 

How do you determine which projects you support? 

As we are still in the process of developing, feasible projects will be supported based on the available time and resources of the Digital Initiatives Librarian and Hutchins Library. 

Where can I browse common digital tools? 

By selecting "Digital Tools" on the header of this page, you can browse tools recommended by the Digital Initiatives Librarian. For even more tools, browse the DiRT Directory. The DiRT Directory is a registry of digital research tools for scholarly use. DiRT makes it easy for digital humanists and others conducting digital research to find and compare resources ranging from content management systems to music OCR, statistical analysis packages to mindmapping software.

How do I stay informed about digital scholarship projects, events, and other efforts at Berea? 

Currently, the Digital Initiatives Librarian is gathering information on digital scholarship efforts by Berea College faculty, staff, and students. If you have your own projects and efforts that you would like to share in order to be featured on our site, email the Digital Initiatives Librarian.

Are there digital scholarship opportunities outside of Berea I should be aware of?

Yes. Berea College is a Mellon Partner of Vanderbilt University's Center for Digital Humanities. As a result of this partnership, Berea faculty are welcome to visit the center and attend digital scholarship events. For more information, contact the Digital Initiatives Librarian. 

Whom can I contact for advice, support, guidance, and/or a suggestion?

You can reach the Digital Initiatives Librarian at the contact information on the side of this page.